The Ducallier Studios

The Fine Art of Miniatures ...

Here are a collection of the Works-Master's miniatures made over the years and finally released to the public through private acquisitions world-wide.

The Works-Master uses a single strand of badger fur attached to a dowel the size of a pencil, marked with a colour that this "brush" will be used with.

The process is arduous, using a systolic painting technique that involves placing the brush stroke between heart beats by putting the thumb of one hand on the pulse at the wrist of the other, and then rythemically working to the beating of the heart.

This is the most stable point to put the paint onto the artwork.

There are fewer that 40 master miniaturist world-wide, that can successfully use this technique.

What you see here is years of patience, and now these miniatures are with collectors world-wide.

The watercolour miniaturers and Artistry below, illustrate the mastery of the Works-Master

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Father and Son
In Stockholm, Sweden

Mother's Love
In Zurich, Switzerland

Perfect Friend
In Rome, Italy

Mother and Child
In Athens, Greece

Father's Love
In Monaco

In Tel Aviv - Jaffa, Israel

In Dubai, United Arab Emerates

In Valletta, Malta

Safely in Her Arms
In Jerusalem, Israel

In Durban, South Africa

Good Shepard
In Melbourne, Australia

In Auckland, New Zealand

Mother in Blue
In Quito, Equador


In Montevideo, Uruguay

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