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Eggs ... As the Matrix

They have been around since the time of the dinosaur, millions of years ago, and along came man who discovered that these nearly perfect shapes could be drawn upon and, for thousands of years, mankind has embellished the egg.

Egg artistry is just that - taking an egg shaped matrix such as this $ 1,450,000. USD, "Blue Rose" presentation egg shown above, and transforming it into a piece of artwork through the use of colors, carving and embellishments.

The height of design work for the embellished egg were the Imperial Eggs of the Tzars of Russia, made by the artisans of Faberge in St Petersburg, Russia, which today can cost well over $45 million US dollars apiece.

We do similar museum quality work in building our egg artistry.

Building a Ducallier ...

What's building got to do with egg artistry?

Well, when you consider those "other folks" who have made the various items, dug and smelted the gold, mined and polished the gemstones, manufactured all the other parts, we essentially use these items to, in effect, build a piece of art.

Up to Three Years to build ...

It can take up to three years to build a Ducallier egg, when one is designing an original museum quality art piece.

Depending upon the sophistication - whether we are using gold, silver or platinum castings, diamonds, emeralds, alexandrites, rubies or other gemstones, your custom piece is carefully assembled in our studios.

Ducallier Egg Artistry is essentially embellishment work, where a craftsman or artist will work on the art piece one step at a time, while others who may be gemstone carvers, silver or gold smiths, will work on various items that will be part of the egg.

There can be hundreds of separate pieces - for example, our current stock or your commissioned Ducallier egg may have over 16,000 gems or Austrian crystals, imbedded in its design along with gold leaf or inlays.

Or, it might be less extravagant, and only display 14 or 18 carat gold leaf and trims - depending on the design selected.

Museum quality work ...

We are skilled artisans who do museum quality work, and are pleased that you have made an inquiry into our artistry.

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