The Ducallier Studios

Before The Beginning ...

Before we begin the transformation of the egg shape into a Ducallier we search all over the world to find very large and expensively rare,   un-cut gemstones and, as the saying goes - " In here-in lies a Ducallier waiting to appear... ! "

For example, this is " Zeiringite, " and, a similar matrix was used for an 11 inch high, commissioned Ducallier.

Under the commission agreement, we are obligated to not reveal the rough or finished Ducallier - which took three years to complete, but we can show you a similar egg shaped carved gemstone matrix.

Commissioned Ducallier such as this " Zeiringite" matrix example, have been embellished with hand carved gemstone flowers and trimmed in 22 carat woven gold and p1 grade (highest quality) gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds, alexanderites, sapphires, and the like. 

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