The Ducallier Studios


This is " Precious " a Ducallier Work Master's Presentation Egg
which continues the bird nest theme.


The Ducallier " Precious " Presentation Egg has braided trim, with an array of floral features and, it took our artisans close to six months to complete.

The nest on the left, holds two eggs and are the precious treasure - safely set in a multitude of flowers and prarie grass that explode through the opening of the egg, as they emerge to continue to bring forth life and beauty.

The artisans of the Ducallier Studios are pleased to present this beautiful example of their craftmanship.

The " Precious " Presentation Egg is currently available to the collector of fine art.

"Precious" is valued at $1,250,000 USD.

If you would like to acquire this presentation egg, please click here to initiate your acquisition.

Collectibility is one of the delights of handcrafted Ducallier artistry.

We can keep you informed of special series of art works, or variations on themes, so you can add to or begin to build your collection.

We will endeavor to build a Ducallier especially for you or you can choose from our current stock.

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