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This is the Ducallier " Eternity - Alpha and Omega " Presentation Egg.

The broken egg shows a mutitude of flowers - signifying birth and regeneration.

Inside the 9 inch tall Ducallier is a plain white hens egg - the " Alpha or Beginning " which is embellished with a solitary brilliant.

In the background, is an exploding star commonly referred to as the "Eye of God" - releasing back into the universe elements that will become new stars and planets and perhaps life, over the eons of time - the mystery and grandeur of Creation.

Here, you can sees the exacting detail that our artisans provide to each Ducallier they produce.

"Eternity" is valued at $1,500,000 USD.

If you would like to acquire this presentation egg, please click here to initiate your acquisition.

Collectibility is one of the delights of handcrafted Ducallier artistry.

We can keep you informed of special series of art works, or variations on themes, so you can add to or begin to build your collection.

We will endeavor to build a Ducallier especially for you or you can choose from our current stock.

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