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The following three pages will provide the steps required to acquire a watercolour of your own place, by our Works-Master.

These are instructions on how we transact commmissions and acquisitions for Ducalliers world-wide.

In certain cases where large fund transfers are to be made, credit cards with their standard limits do not do the job, therefore we use "eChecks", "Letters of Credit" or "Bearer Bonds" to provide the financial instruments to transact orders and commission requests, with us.

For example, when you send the Order Form, including the Cheque Payment Data, it is just like writing a "paper" cheque using your existing personal or business chequeing account.

We receive your Order and Payment Data and then generate your electronic cheque called a "Cheque (Check) Demand Draft" for payment.

The Cheque Demand Draft is then deposited just like a regular cheque.

Your Order will be confirmed through your e-mail address by us.


you give your e-mail address


Is this a "new method" of accepting payment and is it legal?

Electronic Cheques (Checks) or Cheque Demand Drafts are a form of money transfer instrument that has been around for more than One Hundred Years.

Cheque Demand Drafts have been used as a preferred method of payment in bank-to-bank money transfers.


How Does It Work?

Actually, it is quite simple.

The money transfer is done when you fill in the information on the Order Form.

You are in control of this data because authorization is needed from you - the cheque account holder, to generate a Cheque Demand Draft, for which you will also be notifying your bank or financial institution that such a transaction is forthcoming.

The Order form is a valid authorization for a Cheque Demand Draft and can only be given, by your filling out the chequing account information.

Today, for example, in Canada, Europe, Australia, China, Russia, Japan, India, the United States and elsewhere, Cheque Demand Drafts are established as a legal method of payment for personal, corporate and govenmental use, as provided in the various Uniform Commercial Codes and Federal Code Regulations world-wide which are used by stock exchanges, mercantile banks, and financial institutions globally.

Most financial institutions and govenmental bodies reference the following:

US. Uniform Commercial Code - Reference:
Title 1, Sections 1-201 [39] and,
Title 3, Sections 3-103a, 3-104, 3-401, 3-402, and 3-403.

US Code of Federal Regulations - Reference:
Title 12 Chapter II, Part 210.

US Federal Reserve Bank - Reference:
Regulation J, Part 2, Sections 4a-201 to a-212.

Of course, each country has a particular method of Rules that allow for the use of the electronic Cheque Demand Draft instrument in their jurisdiction.


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